Executive Director: Theresa Patterson

Theresa Patterson is Co-Founder the Parish Twinning Program. She has been serving the poor of Haiti since her first trip in September 1978. She applied and was given federal Recognition of Exemption for our non-profit as a 501(c)(3) in 1992. She has served as its Executive Director for all of its existence. Theresa handles many of the major activities of the Parish Twinning Program. She answers numerous emails, phone calls and other communications. She also does problem-solving, planning, and advising to those in their sister-parish relationships and mission teams. She oversees our hospitality house in Port-au-Prince, Matthew 25 House. She tracks the reporting of Haiti parishes. She accompanies first-time groups on their visits to Haiti. Theresa also has many other responsibilities, and she gives enormous amounts of her time to help the poor in Haiti.

Associate Director

The Associate Director has served PTPA since July 1995. He assists the Executive Director in all needed matters, including filling in for her when she must be in Haiti. The Associate Director handles numerous administrative tasks, including office management, communication, bookkeeping, filings, recordkeeping, correspondence, newsletters, website content & updating, working with the other employees and helpers–here and abroad, consulting with the Executive Director on various problems & issues, the sea container shipment, conferences, and many other efforts.

Latin America Director: Gary Moore

Gary answers numerous emails, phone calls and other communications about our Latin parish twinnings. Like Theresa, he also does problem-solving, planning, and advising to those in their sister-parish relationships and mission teams, and he tries to find new twinnings. He may accompany sister parishes on their visits to their twin parishes wherever possible.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant helps in the Nashville office when needed with various administrative duties, including updating the parish list database, the mail list database, the parish contribution report database, correspondence, appeal mailings, etc.


Haiti Coordinator

Our Haiti Coordinator is Bertony Domond, who oversees the Matthew 25 House in Port-au-Prince and aids the Parish Twinning Program with various ongoing responsibilities, including reporting to the government, sea container shipments, repairs and upgrades to Matthew 25 House and its property, problem-solving, communications, and much more.