IMPORTANT NOTE: Our warehouse address listed online in mid-March has changed in late March to a new address on Gils Street! ***The location is no longer on Middle Tennessee Boulevard. Also, it is NOT at last year’s location on Free Hill Road. DO NOT GO/SHIP TO THE WRONG LOCATION! Our recent mid-March forms listed the old warehouse address. Please see the newly REVISED forms below.

April 2018 Shipment

Planned Dates – Weekdays April 9-20, 2018. If you need to contact our Coordinator, call Pat at 615-881-9444. Our rate remains unchanged at $8.00 per cubic foot.

Shipments are for Members of Parish Twinning Program only. Shipments can only be charitable goods being sent to a sister parish. NOTE: We will do RANDOM INSPECTIONS of the items and containers gathered for the shipment to be sure that all items are humanitarian cargo which meet that criteria.

IMPORTANT: Boxes must be sturdy and should have a ECT/Edge Crush Test rating of at least 32 pounds per inch (shown on bottom of most boxes). Similar-sized boxes work well. Please write the number on each box (especially if you have different groupings) with that box’s number out of total number of boxes (in that grouping), such as “#3 of 28.” It should match the box number on your label.

Click the Following Links To Obtain Forms–Main files are PDFs requiring Adobe Software; Other files below are Word files which must be downloaded separately and could be filled in by using Word software–though be aware that such editing could be challenging (files should be a newer Word version but the file type will be listed as an earlier version like 2003 because file originated in older files).

To download (save) all seven PDF files at once, click here. – REVISED
For individual files, click on the links below.

Instructions (PDF file) – REVISED

Shipment Form (PDF file) – REVISED

Shipping Cost Worksheet (PDF file)

Label Form (PDF file)

Directions to Warehouse (PDF file) – REVISED

Suggested Items to Send (PDF file)

Other Shippers to Haiti (PDF file)

Shipment Form (Word file) – REVISED

Shipping Cost Worksheet (Word file)

Label Form (Word file)

To download (save) all the Word files at once, click here. – REVISED

Note: When opening the Word files, the format may appear jumbled due to the text boxes, etc. This may be the “read-only” view. If you can, click on a box or a command to “enable editing.” This might make the format return to normal.

If you need a mailed or faxed or e-mailed copy of the forms, please contact our office using the information on the forms.

The Parish Twinning Program has been shipping Shipping from the Parish Twinnings Program Warehousehumanitarian goods to Haiti since 1994. Millions of dollars in medicines, medical supplies and equipment, generators, solar panels, food, school supplies and much more have been donated by U.S. parishes to their twin parishes in Haiti. We gather and forward the goods for our program members. The shipment has originated since 2002 out of Nashville, Tennessee. National Coordinator Pat Rehovsky from St. Ignatius Church in Antioch, Tennessee has volunteered untold hours in overseeing the organization and shipping of the containers. Some 75 churches, organizations and other groups participate in each shipment, while approximately the same number of parishes and projects in Haiti received goods.

Current shipments of four to seven 40’ containers are sent generally in the spring. A collection period will take place over a two-week period, and the third week is used for loading the containers. Hundreds of parishes, communities and projects in Haiti have benefited from the dedicated work of Pat Rehovsky and his volunteers.