The mission of PTPA is to live the Gospel by building and maintaining twinning relationships between parishes in the U.S. and parishes in Haiti and Latin America.

We strive to fulfill this mission through a faithful commitment to the following goals:

  • To deepen cross-cultural understanding in twinning relationships that builds solidarity and respect between parishes,
  • To transform lives and enrich spiritual growth through shared faith,
  • To achieve sustainable and lasting impact through our programs and initiatives,
  • To share resources and knowledge about effective solutions to alleviate poverty, and…
  • To be compassionate, caring and loving stewards of God’s kingdom.

Take note that the wording of our Mission Statement changed in recent years.

We support our mission by:

  • Promoting awareness among Catholics of the injustices and disparity that exists between developed and underdeveloped countries,
  • Offering resources for our sisters and brothers in Latin America and the Caribbean to empower themselves,
  • Exhibiting sensitivity towards the new cultures that are being encountered; treading lightly and mindfully, and…
  • Encouraging respect for the complexity and beauty of other cultures.


  • Develop and maintain real personal relationships between individuals and underdeveloped communities in Latin America and the Caribbean,
  • Encourage and facilitate visits and correspondence between twinned parishes,
  • Support efforts to develop outreach programs in sister parishes,
  • Encourage and enable North American parishes to provide resources and support in the areas of religion, education, health and community development,
  • Respect the knowledge of the Latin American and Caribbean pastors, allowing them to use their discretion and initiative in the disbursement of funds and direct the development of their community, and…
  • Encourage North American parishioners to learn as much as possible about the culture, history and language of their sister parish.