May 2019: We successfully loaded six containers of your donated goods for Haitian parishes, and we hope that our Haiti Coordinator can get them out of Customs sometime in June.  He will be in touch with your pastors/contact persons in Haiti about picking up their shipments in Port-au-Prince when he knows a certain container will get released.  The notice period is short, so please let your twin parish pastor know that they will be getting contacted sometime soon (and to be ready to make a pickup).  You should tell the pastor exactly what you sent to them and email scans of your shipment forms to them.

Parish Twinning Programs needs volunteers to help with their work in Haiti

A group from Saint Henry Church in Nashville, TN visits with the Bishop of Hinche, Msgr. Simon-Pierre Saint Hillien C.S.C., and others in February 2014. Saint Henry had the Program’s first twinning with Haiti in 1978.

We are a non-profit organization focused on creating lasting sister parish relationships between parishes in the U.S. and parishes in the country of Haiti and elsewhere. We have hundreds of such linkages. The parishes develop a mutual and enriching relationship of sharing, solidarity and understanding. Parishes in the U.S. often raise funds and send resources to their twin parish and help with various special projects. Since 1978, our parishes have sent approximately 50 million dollars in aid to impoverished church communities in Haiti.

Smile–you can help PTPA though Amazon’s Smile program! If you have an Amazon account (or are willing to open one), try typing “” in your browser address bar (or type “”). On the Amazon Smile sign-in page, sign in to your account. You should see a page offering for you to choose a charity. Type “Parish Twinning Program” in the search box. By our name, click on “Select” (you only have to do that selection once). You must confirm that you know that you have to go to “” (instead of just going to Amazon’s normal website) every time that you want your shopping to help PTPA. Amazon matches a small amount of your purchases as a donation to PTPA if you go into Amazon Smile before each purchase.

What We Do:

  • We endeavor to connect twin parishes.
  • We facilitate and maintain these relationships.
  • We help advise about med mission trips and parish trips.
  • We offer Matthew 25 Hospitality House for travelers.
  • M25 House provides lodging in Port-au-Prince.
  • M25 House offers advice about transportation & interpreters.
  • We help parishes to network.
  • We accompany first-time parishes to Haiti.
  • We organize and ship donated goods to Haiti.
  • We help to resolve any issues.
Parish program

What Catholic Churches in our Program Do:

  • They do fact-finding visits to the sister parish.
  • They take medical mission trips to the twin parish.
  • They do med missions to other chosen areas.
  • They undertake dental mission trips.
  • They do fundraising for the twin parish.
  • They aid schools with funding or materials.
  • They help the twin parish with catechetical training and expenses.
  • They assist the sister parish with construction projects–churches, rectories, etc.
  • They send shipments of donated goods to the twin parish.
  • They instigate water purification projects for the sister parish.
  • They fund microcredit or other sustainable projects.

If your parish might be interested in twinning with a parish in Haiti or elsewhere, please contact our Executive Director:
Theresa Patterson

If your parish might be interested in twinning with a parish in Central & South America, Mexico, the Philippines, or the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, please contact the Coordinator of our Latin American Program:
Frances Sosadeeter

Total Sister-Parish Relationships in Haiti: 300

The figures above vary from time to time.

Total for Central & South America, Mexico, the Philippines and the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean: 51

The figures above vary from time to time.

Current News

See the Sea Container link for forms and info about the 2019 shipment.