We invite you to join us in sharing our passion for possibilities for the countries we serve. When a decision to twin is made, a viable and loving relationship is established. This relationship then becomes a bridge whereby the love of God flows in both directions as parishes learn to care, share and pray for one another. Through the Twinning Program, a sister parish is chosen, and a relationship is established between a North American parish and a parish in a Caribbean country or Latin America. Both spiritual and financial support is offered. Linking (twinning) with a parish is a very simple process. A representative from your parish contacts the PTPA and requests information.

By Mail:
Parish Twinning Program
309 Windemere Woods Drive
Nashville, TN 37215

By Fax:
(615) 298-2253

By Email:

You will receive a packet of information on a specific parish including pictures and demographics.  If further information is needed, arrangements can be made for a representative of the program to send slides or present more information.

Once the decision to twin with a parish is made, information about how to establish a relationship and contact your sister parish is sent to you. Included with this information is the method for establishing communication and sending funds.  There is no commitment to a specific amount of money.  Whatever a parish can give, regardless of how much or how little, is of immense help. Your sister parish will receive the news of the twinning and contact information as well.

The shape your relationship takes is entirely up to your discretion; the Twinning Program requires nothing.  However, suggestions will be sent to you, providing you with ideas about what can be done and how best to do it.
Visits to the sister parish are encouraged.  These trips to visit your sister parish, the pastor and the community can be a great joy, an adventure and an extraordinary learning experience. They provide firsthand experience to view the needs of the people, their customs, and culture and increase understanding and awareness. They keep your relationship alive and real. They are invaluable in helping to determine just what additional projects you may wish to pursue with you sister parish. Visitations from the pastor of your Twin Parish also help to create a deepening bond and make it very real and personal.

You will receive “The Connection” a news letter from the program.  This news letter serves as a communication tool for those in the program.  It offers Program updates, trip reports and activities from the various parishes and ideas for bettering your parish relationship and fundraising.

Twice a year, the Twinning Program will obtain Financial Reports from both you and your Twin Parish to ensure that all money is accounted for.  This information, shared with the Twin parish helps to establish good communication and accountability and encourages continued interest and support.

The Twinning Program is available to you with guidance and direction as a resource, an intermediary, a sounding board, or an idea generator to assist you in all your endeavors.

Should you decide to visit your Twin Parish, handouts on traveling, the language, the customs and much more can be provided.  All arrangements for travel can be made by the Program, including assistance with accommodations, transportation and interpreters.

In Haiti the Program manages “Matthew 25 House”, a guest house in Port-au-prince where many missioners stay before and or after their visit to their sister parish.

Twinning with a parish from an undeveloped country is a great privilege; a sacred task, an opportunity to experience the joy of giving and receiving.  It is an answering to the call  to demonstrate and manifest God’s love in action.

It is through the twinning process that our objectives are realized, our goals achieved, our mission accomplished and our vision completed.

Join us to help make a difference.

Changing the world, one parish at a time.

People reaching out to People.

Building Parish to Parish Relationships.