Current News for PTPA (Parish Twinning Program)

Alert: If you have not registered yet but only wish to attend part of the conference, we are now offering prices for individual seminars and activities:

$50 per person for keynote dinner only
$125 for the Saturday daytime activities only (4 sessions and cont. breakf. & box lunch)--not incl. dinner
$60 for Friday daytime activities (2 sessions--there are no evening activities)
$30 per person for each individual seminar

The hotel for the conference, the Nashville Airport Marriott, has been filling up. For suggestions about other hotels, use the Conference link above to go to our Conference page.

Please join us at our Fall conference on September 19 and 20 in Nashville. It's a multipurpose conference where we hope to learn more about improving twin (sister) parish relationships and also serving the health, employment, and educational needs of Haiti and other countries. The networking is often the best part! Our featured guest speaker will be Cardinal Chibly Langlois, who is Haiti's first Cardinal. Talk to your parish or Haiti Committee about going, and remember that your U.S. parish may sponsor your registration fees and/or travel to our conference.

Please click on our Conference link above for more information and for links to the PDF files for both the brochure and the registration form. (If registering, please put "National Conference" on the memo line of your check.) If needing Adobe software to read the PDF, click on the link on the upper right of our website.

Important Fonkoze Change
Starting August 1, 2014, Fonkoze Bank is no longer doing transfers the same way; thus, if you use Fonkoze, then please notify the person in your parish that is handling your twinning. Fonkoze is no longer accepting checks in order to do a funds transfer. The transfers must be done through (1) their partner bank Banque National de Credit or through (2) MoneyGram--Fonkoze says that Moneygram is ideally for sums under $1,000. Take note that the former Fonkoze fee schedule does not apply anymore. See the Twin Parishes link above to choose "Using Fonkoze" and get the new Fonkoze Transfers PDF file and the Fonkoze Changes Letter 2014 PDF file.

Help Us with Contacting Others:
Executive Director Theresa Patterson wants to know the names and addresses of persons involved in your twin parish relationship, your Haiti Committee, or your med missions so that she may include them in our mailings.

Matthew 25 House:
Staying at Matthew 25 House is $40 per night per person (please). The House continues to accept groups or individuals wanting to stay on their mission trips to Haiti.

Request to Inform Haiti Diocese:
The bishops in Haiti have asked us to ask our U.S. parishes if they would send an e-mail to them (the Haitian Bishops/dioceses) each time that the U.S. parishes send funds down to their sister parishes in Haiti--and to mention the amount. The dioceses in Haiti are trying to create more transparency between them and their Haitian parishes.


Sister Parish Relationships

Parish Twinning Programs needs volunteers to help with their work in Haiti A group from Saint Henry Church in Nashville, TN visits with the Bishop of Hinche, Msgr. Simon-Pierre Saint Hillien C.S.C., and others in February 2014. Saint Henry had the Program's first twinning with Haiti in 1978.
We are a non-profit organization focused on creating lasting sister parish relationships between parishes in the U.S. and parishes in the country of Haiti and elsewhere. We have hundreds of such linkages. The parishes develop a mutual and enriching relationship of sharing, solidarity and understanding. Parishes in the U.S. often raise funds and send resources to their twin parish and help with various special projects. Since 1978, our parishes have sent approximately 50 million dollars in aid to impoverished church communities in Haiti. See "What We Do" below. 






If your parish might be interested in twinning with a parish in Haiti or elsewhere, please contact our Executive Director:

Theresa Patterson

If your parish might be interested in twinning with a parish in Central & South America, Mexico, the Philippines, or the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, please contact the Coordinator of our Latin American Program: 

Frances Sosadeeter


Total Sister-Parish Relationships in Haiti:  300

(Note: We recently deleted a number of inactive parish relationships from our list/total.)


Total for Central & South America, Mexico, the Philippines and the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean:  51

The figures above vary from time to time.


What We Do:

  • We endeavor to connect twin parishes.

  • We facilitate and maintain these relationships.

  • We help advise about med mission trips and parish trips.

  • We offer Matthew 25 Hospitality House for travelers.

  • M25 House provides lodging in Port-au-Prince.

  • M25 House offers advice about transportation & interpreters.

  • We help parishes to network.

  • We accompany first-time parishes to Haiti.

  • We organize and ship donated goods to Haiti.

  • We help to resolve any issues.

What Catholic Churches in our Program Do:

  • They do fact-finding visits to sister parish.

  • They take medical mission trips to twin parish.

  • They do med missions to other chosen areas.

  • They undertake dental mission trips.

  • They do fundraising for twin parish.

  • They aid schools with funding or materials.

  • They help the twin parish with catechetical training and expenses.

  • They assist the sister parish with construction projects--churches, rectories, etc.

  • They send shipments of donated goods to twin parish.

  • They instigate water purification projects for sister parish.

  • They fund microcredit or other sustainable projects.